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7th Dan Brian Smith sensei

Justin Baldwin, Elliott Smith, Brian Smith sensei,

Claire Lacey and Aaran Pereira after the

SEKU 2015 Annual Championships.


Students at the SEKU Black and Brown Belt course at Newport, Isle of Wight.

Justin Baldwin, Cameron Smith, Brian Smith sensei, Steve Pereira, Aaran Pereira, Claire Lacey and Alastair Smith.

Claire Lacey being presented with her Shodan (1st Dan) diploma.


Frog Thornton (2nd left) Brian Smith sensei (centre) Steve Pereira (4th from right) and Elliott Smith (2nd from right) during a training visit to Giblaltar.

Brian Smith sensei being presented with a personalised black belt in celebration of 40years training and having been awarded his 7th Dan.

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